adventures on the lonely frontier

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about me

hi, my name is ramona. i am a digital artist, a writer, a "personality," and other such exaggerated titles. i am also a trangender, something that i yell about online from time to time.


here is what i look like

what is a "lonely frontier?"

the lonely frontier is "the internet." a place where you can explore and be free, but you will always do so on your own.

also a term i use to apply to traversing outer space. space is cool.

web log

i keep a "blog" where i use a lot of words to talk about being sad, depressed, angry, and/or horny.

art gallery

here is where you can look at all the art i have made. click here to go see it.

a couple of previews:

things i've made

i do other things too. this is where all my mods, rom hacks and stuff are.

slimegirl adventures my upcoming vid con

sonic 2 sonic jam edition (currently still in development: the only additions are a spring in the mystic cave spike pit, and some rings in the death egg zone)

the thunder force construction kit project

i made some glitch roms for some genesis roms. feel free to play them! this one is for street fighter 2 on genesis! and this one is for sailor moon r on snes

here are some levels i made in tenchu: time of the assassins on psp

here are some levels i made for smash brothers brawl about ten years ago

some levels in mega man: powered up also on psp (2) (3)

character designs for 3d dot game heroes on the playstation 3

clothing design qr codes for animal crossing: new leaf

SONIC NIGHTMARE, a celebration of sonic the hedgehog's birthday

i also contributed to moonlit corpse, a collaborative rpg. release date tbd.

games writing

this is where i write about video games!!!!!!!!!! people like these for some reason.


here is a (currently unfinished) essays series on bloodborne being an allegory for trans issues

games about traversing outer space

secret little haven and child abuse

i wrote about fire pro wrestling for pc gamer magazine dot com

a review of stardew valley

hardcoded: the cyberpunk porn game

tokimeki memorial girl's side 3rd story and nostalgia

work time fun, capitalist nightmare

halocline systems and being chill

baroque as a "nightmare game"

life is strange's ending. i wrote this as a baby trans and i don't think it's held up as well.

cult recruitment centers

because i hate myself, i can be found on "social media"

this is my account

my twitter (gross)

my tumblr, where i post porn and some art stuff

my itchio page, for my games and zines


if you like this website, and you have money, you can give some of it to me via this magic hyperlink!!!!!!! :)