As I’ve said on the site’s front page, the “Lonely Frontier”is a term I started using back in 2007 to describe the exploration of outer space, and any planets therein. The whole concept of you and your starship, drifting along in an infinite void and making discoveries was an appealing one. And in recent years, the concept of escaping this hellhole called Earth has appealed to me even more.

This series of articles will be on games that capture, or at least come close to, capturing this concept. Games that are exploration-heavy, that give you that feeling of drifting aimlessly while listening to some sick ambient music you got off a Japanese netlabel (Bunkai-Kei comes highly recommended!). So I won’t be doing shmups like Gradius, even though it’s awesome. And there may be a few exceptions to this rule; maybe some games that do have a bigger focus on combat, or RPG-like mechanics. But they all maintain that focus on travelling through space.


No Man's Sky NEXT