what i’ve been playing 4/28/2019

First, let me start this post with a quick plug: in addition to playing games, I also made one. Go take a look.

A few weeks back, I installed a hybrid firmware on my Super Slim PS3. The main reason being a way to play Aquanauts Holiday 3 without needing to spend the $170 it goes for on eBay. And also to play all the Burnout Paradise DLC I never bought.

A couple of problems:

– I can’t actually find the damn ROM in the first place (thanks Nintendo!)

– I’m not actually technically proficient enough to get PKG Linker to work on my system, so the only non-legit game I’ve been able to play is Soul Calibur 2 HD, which I downloaded to make sure the hacking actually worked. The game itself fucking sucks, though.

So I said “fuck it” and just went back to playing the normal Spring/Summer playlist that I’ve been enjoying for the last several years.

After about nine years of owning the game, I’ve finally finished 3D Dot Game Heroes. The reason I stop is because in order to get the Sword of Moonlight (the best weapon in the game), you have to complete every single side quest, pretty much all of which are time-sensitive. And then if I put the game down for any number of reasons, I forget where I left off, and don’t feel like retracing all of my steps, so I quit or start a new game that I never finish.

This time, though, I made it a point to not play anything else until I was done with this game. And I did! I had this laser focus on every tedious, obtuse side quest, and got that damn sword and beat the game.

And yes, that is my OC Slimegirl as the main character. I’ll need to make some fixes to the animation, and then I could upload it to my 3D Game Heroes page.

I’ve also been playing a lot of Gran Turismo 6 before and after I finished 3DDGH. After some personal things in my IRL life (may write about that at some point), I “celebrated” by saving up enough fake money to buy a fake Ferrari.

I was real excited to tear up the raceway with it. Then I found out that the handling sucks. It oversteers at the slightest touch. Even with the tightest tires and suspension, it’s prone to fishtailing and even outright spinning out on really tight turns, regardless of how slow you’re going. It becomes less of a race with other drivers and more of a fight with the car itself. Not really worth the 450 grand. Can’t believe SEGA would lie to me about how fun Ferraris are.

Did manage to win a couple races with it, but I think this will just be a showcase in the garage from now on. For now, I’m back to Nissans and BMWs, screaming down the track to whatever sweet Summer time jam is playing on my PS3 hard drive.

Hideki Kaji- Tropical Girl

That’s about it for now. Probably try and knock out more of my PS3 backlog. May even do a new file in Hakuna Matata. Look forward to a new Retail Memorabilia post coming soon, and BUY THE GAME!!!!!!!

retail memorabilia #1: the art of resistance 2

Ten years ago, I was in a management position for a Target store (not the big boss, but one of the many smaller bosses). My role was to run the right side of the store, dealing with the electronics, the movies, the books, and the video games. As such, I would be given random shit from companies. Little bits of merchandise you couldn’t get anywhere else. So I figured, why not post the stuff that I got? I still have most of it after all this time.

This first one is a small artbook I got for the Playstation 3 game, Resistance 2. Now Resistance 2 was, okay, I guess. It was fairly unmemorable aside from its co-op campaign that I played a lot of. I don’t have the game anymore; I sold it several years back.

dev diary #2

People who played my Patreon demo probably noticed a few things: the load times were strangely long for a game like this, the frame rate had problems when too much stuff was on screen, and the game’s resolution was way too small.

I’ve been dividing my time among a number of different things for this game. The most important was optimization. I fixed a number of things under-the-hood that completely removed those problems I mentioned. Now it runs a hell of a lot better, at a bigger resolution! Compare these before and after screenshots.

Pixel Game Maker MV is still in the early access phase, with plans to improve optimization on their end as well. So this work I’ve been doing should be much easier in the future.

Now, you probably watched that video and asked, “Ramona, this stage isn’t actually going to just be a fucking straight line with a handful of enemies in it, right?” Of course it’s not! In all my work to actually make this thing run well, I had to make a lot of adjustments to art assets and mess around with stuff, that this is more or less a debug stage to test everything out. But with that out the way, I can actually start to work on real design. Levels that are good, and fun, and won’t make you close the game thinking it’s a bunch of bullshit. I’m at a point now where I’m planning and mapping out what levels will be like, and how many there will be.

The other thing I’ve been working on is sound. Here’s where the problems come in: of all the trans stereotypes for me to buck, “being good at making music” just so happened to be one of them. Creating songs that don’t become grating after a while is a pain, and it’s frustrating. But I’ll eventually come up with something good. I can only hope, anyway.

For now, though, I’ll leave you with a few features I threw in for you to look forward to.

Conveyor belts!

Secret weapon upgrades!

Crude dialogue between stages!

need to post here more

Today, I paid the $119/year price to keep this site alive. Which is important, as it contains my work: my art, my writing, my game stuff. Things that I make, and would like people to see. But I do have this problem: I do not post on it enough. And I should, because it’s expensive to own it! So maybe I should change that?

I’ve been going through some old uploaded photos and music for posts that have long since been deleted (roughly from 2010-2014), thinking about how I used to use this. I would post whatever old bullshit on here. Music reviews, short impressions of whatever games I was playing at the time, lewd photos of me, stories I had written, things I had made, and eventually, gamedev diaries for an unreleased project. I divided my time between this, and my Tumblr, where I would shitpost endlessly. Then that whole “Gamergate” thing happened, and something snapped in my mind, causing me to spend these past few years yelling at nazis, then yelling at a bunch of games people who are probably cool, but thought were assholes because I got suckered by con artists and centrist racists trying to make a quick buck off other peoples’ suffering. Then shit changed. If I did post here, it was some angry screed about GG/Indie Games stuff that pissed me off. Or how something transphobic happened and I wasn’t cool with it. It wasn’t fun anymore. And that sucks, because you should have fun with something like this. You’re not restricted by a character limit, or because you posted something pornographic, or because you told a bigot to fall into a toilet after they threatened to come to your house and murder you while posting your address. Like, check this out:

Bam, two anime dudes getting gangbanged. I’m not going to get kicked off my own website for twelve hours for posting it, or getting it deleted and my avatar turned into a mess of pixels, or anything stupid like that. What manga is this from? Fuck dude, I wish I knew! But that’s the kind of freedom I have. Not much of a point to me posting it, either, other than “I can.” And that’s fun! It’s fun to make a post like this, and probably fun for you to read. You come here to see what I’m thinking about, and then you get an eyeful of hot anime boys sucking some dicks. Think I’ll post a song, too. Hold on.

“revive” by genki rockets

There’s no real point to this post. Other than to make one, and to remind myself that this doesn’t have to be a hole for me to scream into, like it has been for so long. I’m trying to let go of that old anger as much as I can. It fucking sucks being mad all the time, and it’s even worse to realize that you were mad at the wrong people for the wrong reasons. This is my digital home. I’m the boss here, with no right-wing douchebag to tell me what to post (I mean, okay, I have a webhost provider, but I doubt they’ll suddenly drop me after being a paying customer for over a decade), or anyone to leave me to get annoyed to death by harassment. And that’s good!

Anyways here’s another spicy pic I found in the media archive:

Think I’ll post about video games next time. Spring is coming up, and that’s when I like to fire up the PS3 and play a specific set of games. Maybe I’ll learn to hack the thing and play whatever I want on it, too.