Bad news, everyone: I’ve spent this past week dealing with issues in my arms and hands. The rest of my body has been having some problems, but my hands are the most noticeable since I use them so much. As such, I haven’t been able to play any games, or spend too much time on a keyboard; I’ll be having problems just typing this out.

Because of this, I didn’t have anything written up for this week, and I don’t plan on doing anything next week. I have some braces and stuff to help my pain coming in during the week, but I’d like to not aggravate things if possible until then. So I’m taking a break. Hopefully a short one. So no essays or reviews, and game development will be on hold too. I’ll play things by ear next week and see how my health is doing then, but for now, I literally cannot do a whole lot without it hurting. Sorry, everyone, I’ll try and get better soon.

Adventures On The Lonely Frontier