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Continuing my gimmick of doing unique stuff with this site while it is still Summer, I thought I would actually plan out my posts in advance this month, rather than the usual “write about whatever.” The theme for August is, obviously, the Playstation Portable.

Why the PSP? Well, for one, it’s a step below the original Game Boy in terms of being my favorite handheld system. And for two, I thought it would be fun to talk about it. During the PSP’s day, it was a widely derided system in a lot of my particular online circles. It was gay shit for homos and why would you want to play that fucking thing don’t you know that SONY KILLED THE DREAMCAST!? Also, I watched my wonderful friend Miffy play the Cover Girl magazine game on the thing, and that really kickstarted my thought process. You can check out the post she made on it over here.

I ended up getting one of those newer model silver PSP’s around 2007-2008 because I really wanted to play Mega Man Powered Up, the remake of Mega Man 1 with a level editor. Might do a write up on that one. That little system quickly endeared itself to me. Lots of great games. Being able to play old PSX games on it. The unnecessary-but-I’m-glad-they-were-there media players. It kept me sane during a particularly hellish time I had in Santa Clarita, California. As much I did and do like the original Nintendo DS, I am going to put forth that the PSP is the better system. I say this knowing full well that the DS has Bangai-O Spirits.

So, every post I make here this month will have something to do with the PSP. Game reviews, digging through The Archive, and so on. It should be fun, I think.

Taking this paragraph break out to link to some PSP writings I did on the old version of this site, when I was still dumb enough to think that making an entire site in Twine would be a good idea:

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story

Work Time Fun

Cool. That’s the end of this announcement post. I’ll have something up later in the week. Until then.

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