another year

The yearly bill for this site was due on Monday. Obviously, I paid it, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to read this. Running this has been a lot more worthwhile of an investment in that last couple of years, and I’d like to keep this going for as long as possible.

There is a problem, however. My hosting provider has decided that the costs are going up next year, and I guess I don’t get any sort of grandfathered clause or anything to not have to spend more money, despite being a paying customer since 2006. So, I have decided that I am really going to get my money’s worth even more than I have lately. This is, essentially, my house, and I feel like living in it. This has mostly been a space for essays and reviews and such, but what if I did more shitposting? What if I just, you know, fucking posted stuff for the sake of posting? Having fun? Didn’t follow any sort of rules other than my own? Post some songs or some lewd shit I found online. I have done this every now and again, as recently as December, but I feel like I should be fucking around more often. Here’s a couple pictures of catboys I found online. Why am I posting these? Because why not? You’re welcome.

Speaking of December, things have definitely been a lot better in the old brain region since then. Turns out, it’s actually a really good idea to simply cut out a lot of unnecessary bull shit in my life before I get completely Jokerfied, rather than simply mostly Jokerfied. Avoiding discourse, or playing Guess Who? Sexual Predator Edition, and shit like that has been great. I have spent my time since then simply enjoying myself: playing TV Games, watching an*me and indie wrestling, and generally being a perverted little goblin in my private time. Trying to enjoy my mid-30s as best I can during year three of “oh fuck, my chronically ill ass better not go outside unless I absolutely need to!” I’m under a blanket in my Gamer Chair, playing a pirated copy of Bayonetta on PC (in case I need to justify piracy to any new and probably now former readers, I’ve already paid for it twice on two different consoles, so fuck off), and listening to a fucking ton of death metal and Post-Rock. Oh yeah, I’ve been listening to death metal more regularly since December. Strangely, it’s very good at helping me focus and pay attention when I’m working on stuff. I could really stand to include more goth metal in the playlist.

That’s how I’ve been. As for how I’m doing, I’m just vibing, bro. Waiting for King of Fighters XV to come out next week and kick my friend Hazel’s ass in it (the opposite will happen). I plan on getting back into streaming on a regular basis, looking at cool and obscure old stuff. AEW Revolution is the beginning of March, the same day as the first race of the new F1 season. Hoping for a ring that actually explodes and a season that doesn’t end in bull shit, respectively. Other than that, I plan on remaining chill as fuck. Write some cool shit. Finish making some cool games. I want 2022 to be the year I finally wash and dry clean my brain of many years of garbage.

Think I’ll end this with more pictures of erotic maid outfits. That seems like a good idea. Like I said, fuck it, this shit is about to cost a hair under $200 next year, so I may as well go all in and post whatever the fuck I want, up to and including examples of an extremely mild fetish I have.

How about another song too?

Adventures On The Lonely Frontier


  1. Ian Morris says:

    one those are good maid pictures, two the only reason i don’t pirate interactive stuff is it is more then it is worth (getting it to run and avoiding malware) and the last time i pirated an episode of peacemaker comcast sent me an email saying they saw that and not to do it again