Was planning on taking the week off, as my birthday is this weekend, and I just felt like chilling out. I’ve spent this time playing some Castlevania games, playing some Fortnite (still waiting for that Peter Griffin skin), and getting ready for AEW All Out tomorrow. It’s a nice Saturday evening over here.

Then I come back from my kitchen after making myself a nice cool glass of pink lemonade, and I see this:

All I got to say about this is

OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kiwi Farms is fucking dead! Well, for now, at least. But I will take small victories where I can get them. The nazi forum that wrote fanfiction about murdering me, and made my friends lives miserable for several years is gone. That owns! I’m fucking thrilled! You know, I’ve had some good birthdays in my life. I’ve even had great ones. This is already going down as one of, if not the best, I’ve ever had!

Fuck it, this is my web site, and I’m going to be petty here.

To all the nazi shitheads and transphobes and various other types of losers with nothing else going on in your lives besides blind hatred of others due to your own inadequacies

To Randi Harper

To Wil Wheaton

To all the game journalists who needed dirt on a rape victim you were actively harassing, and needed dirt on various trans women because Leigh Alexander got mad that they were all getting more death threats than her

To every self-loathing sociopath who needed to take down a trans woman who said “fuck” too many times

To anyone else I forgot who shared the absolute drivel that place pumped out about me and/or my friends


Oh, my condolences to everyone who is currently seething and shitting themselves over having to remove a bookmark from their browser. Truly a sad day for bitches who suck ass and know no peace in their lives. A sad day for people who were willing to harass and libel and threaten people literally to death in order to feel a modicum of self-worth that only lasted but a moment. A sad day for you, but a great day for me. A great day because a source of legitimate evil is down for the count, and a great day because I get to rub it in all your faces. Hold on, let me take a sip of this pink lemonade real quick. Ah, life is good.

Anyways, while you’re all freaking the fuck out and being more “triggered” than the blue-haired SJWs you think we all are, I will be playing the HD remaster of the first Soul Reaver that I only just now found out existed. Take it easy, losers.

P.S: Suck it.

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