This is another one of those weeks where I’m away from home for business reasons. Unfortunately, this is one of those times where I’m gone for a long fucking time; until October 1st. Doesn’t help that I’m staying somewhere where my allergies have kicked into overdrive, so I’ve spent all weekend drifting in and out of consciousness due to taking Benadryl. Either I sleep a bunch, or I walk around seeing the world as if someone smeared Vaseline on my eyes.

Working a job that requires me to travel a lot has obviously gotten in the way of me doing any sort of work that isn’t my weekly reviews. I spend my time working, then playing games on my laptop. Can’t exactly work on my games or anything if I’m not home at desk with a good PC (specifically, the one that has all of my files on it) and a mouse and a comfortable chair. It sucks not being able to work on things I like, especially since I know a few of you out there are waiting for me to hurry the fuck up and finish them already.

I’ve had this unwritten rule with myself for the last few years: do not make any creations or mods for other games until mine are done. I think, given the lengthy time I’ll be forced to not work on stuff, I’m lifting this rule. Thinking maybe I’ll load up some games with level editors and the like, and put something out there during all this time I won’t be able to spend with Slimegirl and friends. I kind of already did this with those Cladun X2 creations I posted a little while back, but I’m thinking I should do this more often. Also maybe set up a page for all this stuff, like I had before I moved everything around.

That’s pretty much about it. Things haven’t been too eventful otherwise. I mean, I had a birthday, but I didn’t go out or anything because it was 100 degrees and I was too hot to get up out of my chair. Now I’m here until next month, so uh there you go. There’s a review of a game I really did not like coming within a couple days, then I’ll be wracking my brain thinking of what the next big post is going to be.

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