Hello! This is the page where you can find the various creations, edits, mods, and so forth I have made for various games.

3D Dot Game Heroes

I made a few playable characters in 3D Dot Game Heroes for the PS3. The first one I did was of Midori, the lead singer from the chiptune band YMCK.

You can download her here.

Next is the protagonist from classic Famicom kusoge, Takeshi no Chousenjo.

He can be downloaded here.

The last one is the prince from NES and MSX megahit, Bokosuka Wars.

He can be nabbed here.

Cladun X2

Here is a series of characters, weapons, and armor I made for Cladun X2 on the PSP. The first one up is Gilgamesh from The Tower of Druaga.

You can download him here. The zip folder contains both the head sprites, and his armor sprites.

Next up is Slimegirl, my Original Character who I swear will star in a second game of her own someday.

Like Gil, this zip folder has head and armor sprites included.

Next up are some weapons.

First is the Sword of Moonlight:

Then the red and blue jousting Q-Tips from American Gladiators:

And here’s a double-ended dildo, because I thought it would be funny to put one in there:

Now here’s Raiden. Both his Metal Gear Rising and pre-cyborg heads are here, as well as his cyborg body.

Next is Travis Touchdown. This one contains head sprites, clothing, and his beam katana.

Mega Man: Powered Up

A collection of levels from Mega Man: Powered Up I have made over the years. I have not played or tested most of these since the late 2000s, so player beware.

Saturday Night


It’s A Party

Highwire and Roll’s Vacation



Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Here is a big zip folder full of stages I made in Super Smash Bros Brawl. I have not played Brawl since the first Obama administration, so I can’t guarantee the quality of these stages. Maybe you’ll like them?