finally finished that “projects” page


Hi everyone. Apologies for a lack of posts (well, a lack of one post, going by my weekly schedule). Something very serious in my personal life came up (I’ll have a post about that up soon), and I haven’t really been in the mood to write about games.

That being said, I didn’t want to end PSP Month so prematurely, so I finally got around to finishing my Projects page! This is a page that is dedicated to any custom creations or mods for various games. Included on that page are all of my custom characters for Cladun X2, as well as my custom levels for Mega Man: Powered Up. Go download them to your system (or emulator, they both use the same file system) and have a good time while I shutter PSP Month for another year (and check out stuff for other system too, I guess). Apologies for not making more of a big deal about it, but again, real life reared its ugly head and made things difficult.

Check it out right here!