Site Restructuring

Hey everyone. It’s that time again where I thought I would do some behind the scenes work on the site, and change things up again. The first, and most obvious, is that this blog is no longer confined to a sub-directory. This is where all the updates happen anyway, and I was getting less and less thrilled with my woefully out of date front page, so I put this front and center instead. I’ll be adding some of the things from the front page to its own “Bonus/Omake” page eventually, once I’m done going through and figuring out what should stay and what I should trash.

That’s also another reason: cleaning up. Thought it would be a good idea to delete old shit that I don’t like anymore, for various reasons. Stuff that I changed my mind on or didn’t age well, like, “Life is Strange is a good game,” “I can’t believe AEW hired Nyla Rose just to bury her,” and “Zoe Quinn is a decent human being.” Stuff that I didn’t think was all that good when I hit publish. Stuff that I reread and decided was too mentally ill to stay up. That sort of thing.

Now, while I’m still going to be doing reviews and short stories and very slowly making games (took a couple weeks off for what should be obvious reasons), I plan on being a lot more self-indulgent. I’ve found that I have become less of a people person as of late, and while I’ve definitely taken the steps to keep my popularity to a small audience of weirdos that society pretends to tolerate, I really want to double down on this. During my small break, I’ve been using the Wayback Machine to look at old sites I would read in my early-20s, or even in my teen years. A lot of these were not all that popular, and I only found them through a stroke of sheer luck during a Google search, before Google went to shit. It was a nice reminder of what I want the internet to go back to being: dudes (gender-neutral term) posting things they like on a space that they carved out for themselves for the love of doing it, not for any kind of “clout” or some shit. If I’m going to be a recluse that thinks people around are stupid as shit, I may as well be a relic in other ways, as well. So expect even more “uh idk here’s some stuff” posts that don’t always use a lot of big words.

Anyways, that’s it. I’ll have something up soon for the Patreon folks, which will then show up here in a couple days. I will also be going through and fixing a couple of broken links that have appeared as a result of me moving things around. Update your bookmarks and RSS readers accordingly.