Hey everyone. I’m doing another “post for the sake of posting” post. Now, don’t worry, this isn’t me apologizing in advance for not having something done; expect something on the ol’ Patreon either tomorrow or this weekend. I’m really just buzzing because 1) I’ve finally finished my final work trip of the year, that horrible thing that’s kept me from getting a lot of cool shit done all year, and 2) TWITTER IS MOTHERFUCKING DEAD BITCH HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!

First Kiwi Farms, now Twitter. Going 2 for 2 for shitty web sites taking a fucking dive. Granted, Twitter is not dead dead; you can still log in and post and all that. But let’s be real folks, Elon Musk owning that site has put time on the clock, and it’s ticking down quicker and quicker with every beautifully dogshit business decision he has made in only 24 hours. So, either it will die RIP in the ground where it belongs, or it will simply become Truth Social with a little more brand recognition, then it will die.

You ask me, that shit should have died ten years ago, but I suppose it’s better late than never. For any remote positive that place did, it has long since been far outweighed by its many horrific negatives. And it’s not as if the positives, like establishing communities and friendships, can’t or hasn’t already been done by literally every other online platform in history. I won’t bore you by retelling the story of what myself and others had to go through when that platform was misused by every transphobe and grifter, but I absolutely have good reason to want to watch that hellhole die. I do admit to being somewhat frustrated by this “we’ll shitpost Musk to bankruptcy” gimmick, as if that’s something that actually works and not a massive oversimplification of what happened to Tumblr, from people who can’t bring themselves to log off and try to find a place online that isn’t overrun by the worst people you can imagine. I’m also frustrated by this wailing and shrieking of “MY BRAND! MY BRAND!” by people who, again, can’t imagine a world without being able to showcase the most naked, horrible bigotry they can find to everyone around them and respond to it with “no u.” It’s like I’ve been on here nearly every week since 2020 trying to show that you can build an audience and even make a few bucks without The Algorithm aiding or hindering you or something.

In any event, anything that brings the world closer to a time when expression and creativity on the internet was encouraged is a good thing. Maybe we’ll see an uptick in personal web sites. Maybe forums will start popping up again. Or maybe everyone will pony up twenty bucks or eight bucks or whatever to become a bigoted manchild’s personal star-bellied sneetches. Maybe they can all hang around on that psyop called Cohost and leave me the fuck alone. Whatever, I’m home, I’ve got my computer and my retro collection and my desire to get better at AC+R, and no longer need to read incredibly tedious and annoying opinions to help pass the time.

Whatever may end up happening, I will still be posting on this site until I am either dead or I am somehow so broke that I cannot afford a once a year payment or the world ends. Even though I’ve been having a bit of a difficult time as of late in regards to actually writing things, I still enjoy running this place. I love to write out my thoughts without a character limit or some arbitrary obstacle preventing you from reading them. I love to post things that you are not allowed to post elsewhere; the internet is a fantastic communication tool to meet like-minded people and share your interests and talents. The internet is also a tool for you to look at big fat titties, or some chick’s massive cock, or a dude with a swimmer’s build wearing latex. I write about a lot of my interests, like games or wrestling or an*me, but I am only 100% interested in having an audience of like-minded adults, particularly perverts; I don’t want to be read or subscribed to by a bunch of tenderqueers having a Fred Sanford-esque “Big One” upon realizing that a mildly disabled person in their mid-30s that avoids a lot of public areas due to COVID might be a horny pervert sometimes.

I love being able to have my own site where I can post things I like, without having to deal with scumbags, see some dumb shit posted by a games journalist or a pearl-clutching transphobe (but I repeat myself), or be reminded that people like Jesse Singal or Brianna Wu still exist. I love the feeling that maybe things will change for the better. Please, for the love of fucking god, do not let yourself fall back into bad habits. Let the trend of social media finally fucking die. Make your own site, get yourself a Feedly account (I switched to them when Google Reader got shut down a decade ago) to keep up with everyone else’s, and let’s all let nature heal.

Oh, and maybe I can finish this post with a glimpse of something I’ve been working on:

Adventures On The Lonely Frontier