coming back from the dead

Sorry I’ve been gone for a few weeks. I would go into a big post about it (and nearly did), but instead I’ll just say that my mental health, and my physical health to a slightly smaller degree, have been in the fucking toilet for a while and making things is hard in that state of mind. I’ll be back soon enough. Not working on things, and not being able to work on things has been immensely frustrating.

look at this thing i drew


In other news, yes, I got Zelda, and yes, I got Street Fighter 6. They’re both real fucking sick and I love playing them. Some friends in my life have returned, and The Gang Is Back Together. After a very stressful and shitty nine months, I’m beginning to feel emotions that aren’t spite and blinding rage again. Things are looking up for your favorite curmudgeon retro games enthusiast. Look forward to a new post assuming the world doesn’t end or my hands don’t explode again.