my name???


Hello, friends. Been meaning to do more posts, but I just haven’t. Been sick with stomach problems and not much else has been happening worth writing about. I’ll have a couple write ups on games here during the week probably. But for now, I’m just here to post about stuff. I want to talk about various things, including something that’s been kind of bothering me. Nothing bad, just something that’s been nagging at me. Specifically, my name.

I went from being a binary trans woman to a nonbinary freak of nature last year, because it turns out I don’t actually hate having a masculine side, and I just do not fucking care about gender shit anymore so much as me caring about fuckhead bigots fucking off. Anyways, since then, I have had zero attachment to the name Ramona. I actually kind of hate being called it these days. The only problem with that is that in a whole ass year, I haven’t been able to come up with a new name! Something androgynous, that is both masculine and feminine, and also neither masculine or feminine. Not only that, but something cool yet meaningful. I whipped up the name “Ramona Savage” in a week. I had the Boy Genius song “Ramona Saves The Day” stuck in my head, and when coming up with a last name, I looked down to see I was wearing a Macho Man t-shirt. Yeah, I gave myself the Max Power treatment, and ran with that shit for about eight years. As far as I’m concerned, I am currently a person without a name, even though I have two: my government name, and the one I gave myself following a gender awakening in the midst of a panic attack after permanently cutting myself off from my father. So I’m looking for a new one that’s actually cool and I’m not going to grow to hate in nearly a decade. I’ve been looking at lists of gender-neutral baby names, as well as the names of various moons in our galaxy, but I’ve been hemming and hawing on a final decision. I wanted to have a new name ready to go back on September 5th (my 37th birthday), but obviously that didn’t happen.


After playing SEKAIKEI GIRL, I found myself inspired to get back into doing 1-bit, 2-color sprites. I’ve messed around with it here and there before, but I was really wanting to try it out again in the past week. After making some sprites and a background, I threw them all together into a single-screen prototype game. The few people I’ve already shown this to loved it, and were interested in seeing me go further with it.

Also, this little government agent guy that’s not in the screenshot:


Since it’s October, I’d like to try my hand at horror. But I’m worried that I’ve spent so much time on making cutesy stuff, that I can’t do another style like that…



That’s my current status in life. Things are not nearly as apocalyptic as they were in August and September, and I’m hoping it stays that way. I plan on streaming…something later tonight, no clue what yet. You should follow my Twitch channel, maybe even subscribe if you have money to give. I also plan on getting some more game stuff posted here, because it turns out people actually do like reading that stuff. Wild.

Welp, that’s it. I don’t really know how to end these anymore. Do I post a random MP3? Do I post a random sexy image? Both? Okay, both. Bye, everyone.

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