What I’m Doing (4/10/2024)


It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means. Time to make a post on the internet!

Before I get into the fun stuff, I’ll just be real here: after a week or so of feeling a little bit better, I had myself a nice little PTSD-induced spiral over the weekend that had me feeling a bit of that “oh fuck everyone secretly hates me” paranoia. It wasn’t a good time! Things have started to mellow out a bit the last couple of days, but boy that really sucked.

But enough about that, I’m trying to recover. I finished watching this weeks episode of Dynamite, and they actually fucking did it. No bullshit. No bait-and-switch. We, the fans, finally got to see that mythical All In London footage. The backstage fight between CM Punk and Jack Perry, something only ever talked about in hushed tones, now being revealed to the world.

Having seen it, all I can say is: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! CM Punk is such a thoroughly washed-up bum. I don’t think I’ve even written anything about the guy since 2021, when he was starting to build up the goodwill he lost with me when he signed up for that WWE talk show in 2019. I, for whatever reason, didn’t say anything about the last two years of complete pain and misery every self-respecting AEW fan has had to go through. Never brought up having more homophobia thrown my way for being a fan of the Young Bucks than I was for actually being queer. The endless hot takes from has-been hate mongers and assorted dumbfucks with brainworms. Punk’s bullshit actively taking away from the shows themselves, making the product worse in so many ways that I actually considered not watching AEW shows after All In London. It was a dark time. Then he got fired, the shows almost immediately got better (though I still had to see main event Adam Cole and anywhere-on-the-card Chris Jericho), and now I get to see CM Punk, that trained MMA practitioner, that guy who was in sparring videos with the Gracie family, look like the complete fraud that he is. You see, Punk and his dogshit fans had excuses for his performance in his actual fights. His first UFC fight? Well, hey, any first-timer would be humbled by someone who has been training at the highest level for years! Just ignore that Punk’s opponent has a record of 7-5 and never came close to a title in the UFC. Punk’s second fight? Of course he lost! His opponent was taking the most dangerous performance enhancing drug on the market: weed.

Now here, in London, we got to see this tough guy, this bad ass, fail to take down and maintain a hold on a man 51 pounds smaller than him, who had just wrestled a ten minute match that involved him being slammed onto a car windshield (a car windshield made out of real glass (go cry me a river)), and after sucker punching Jack while he was calmly fixing his hair. I really needed this. After almost two years, I really needed this catharsis. Jack Perry rules, and you will never see me say anything to the contrary. Unless he turns out to be like a sex criminal or something. The only way that footage could have been better would be if Jack fucked up Punk’s shit Kazuma Kiryu style, instead of simply chilling in the corner while Landlord Phil has a meltdown. But hey, I’m sure Punk is having a great time shouting out Jim Cornette in that rape den called WWE, creeping around NXT trainees half his age and avoiding being photographed with his wife like a vampire avoiding sunlight. At least he’s not our problem anymore.

As far as games go, I admit I haven’t been spending as much time with them as I would like, what with my previously mentioned brain problems killing my motivation. Also having to spend some time to remind myself that games are good when you don’t have a bitch in your ear remaking a decade old culture war with pedophiles and holocaust deniers still mad about Bridget in Guilty Gear.

I’m currently stuck in Dragon’s Dogma. I’m doing the story quest where you have to fight the Griffin flying around, but the game crashes every time I try to enter Bluemoon Tower, so I don’t have much to say this week. Hopefully I can figure out a way to fix that soon.

Still plugging away at Pokemon a little bit. I have 4 Gym Badges right now, but I’m still fucking around with all of the side stuff, as well as leveling each individual Pokemon I have, like a freak. Plus, I haven’t been playing it as much, just because playing a DS ROM is putting me in the mood to play other DS ROMS. Like getting back into Contact.

I think I’ve brought up before that Contact is one of my favorite games on the DS. It’s a Grasshopper game, of course I would love it! In all honesty, if I power my way through this before the end of the week, I may end up writing about Contact and why it rules. It’s a great little RPG with a lot of charm. But I need to get further in before I put metaphorical pen to paper.

Anyways, that’s it for this week. I felt like shit, but managed to snap out of it in time to be vindicated over my taste in pro wrestling. Maybe next week will be better!