What I’m Doing (5/10/2024)


Whoa hey, hi! I’ve been feeling a hell of a lot better than I have as of late. Aside from the fact that I had to go run a couple shitty errands. See, the good thing about having your mother in your home is the ability to use her Costco membership card. The bad thing is having to actually go into a fucking Costco. If you’ve never been to one, it’s like this: getting in is nearly impossible because of all the traffic. Cars only ever go at about 2 MPH, especially the one right in front of you. However, crossing an intersecting road is a risk, as there will always- always be some stupid motherfucker that will try to ram into you at full speed. Not any more fun once you actually enter Costco. The average customer age is apparently 90 years old, so once again, I am stuck walking behind people who move at a snails pace, unless I need to need to cross an aisle, in which case everyone turns into the fucking Flash and I nearly get one of my feet sheared off by a shopping cart. It takes like ten minutes to get something off a shelf, because people love to block entire aisles, closely examining objects like Mr. Burns figuring out the difference between ketchup and catsup. There’s only ever two registers open, so lines go almost to the back of the damn store, so me and the literally five things I’m buying have to wait for fucking ever behind slow people with carts packed to the brim with bullshit. And every time I go to back out of the parking lot, some dumb fuck will try and drive right into me as if me and my big soccer mom SUV aren’t there. If it weren’t for the fact that I actually, like, pay attention to the road, I would have gotten into an accident the last two times I’ve been here. I always leave either wishing that murder was legal, or understanding why people become conservatives. Normally, I don’t have to decompress after doing something like going to a grocery store, but when I have to go to Costco, I need to spend a couple hours doing nothing until I no longer want to strangle a motherfucker. Fuck Costco. Full of the stupidest, slowest bastards of the Earth. Been coming here at least once a month since September, and I’ve been meaning to rant about this shit the whole while.

Anyways, games. I’ve been in the mood for playing/replaying games on the Mega Drive, loading up some stuff in MAME, or messing with some arcade ports on the MSX right before bed. In fact, look forward to a write-up of one of those games on my Patreon tomorrow. But the one game that’s taken up my attention the last couple of days is Earth Defense Force: World Brothers. Or as I like to call it while doing an impression of Hulk Hogan, Earth Defense Force World, Brother. I got it because it was on sale, also because a friend was playing it on stream and it looked cool. It’s not that I’m not familiar with the EDF games; of fucking course I am, it’s just that I passed on this one for long for a very stupid reason. The reason was that, because this game has this voxel art style in the vein of 3D Dot Game Heroes, I was kind of bummed that EDF didn’t also have a character creator. Finally playing the game, that absolutely does not matter. See, I didn’t know that World Brothers had the amount of characters that it did, assuming that it would just have the standard soldier, flying girl, and big armor guy like other EDF games. But no, this game has some character, charm, and personality. The cast includes an astronaut, a cowboy, and a maid that wears cat ears. Those are three things I really like! Put that in with the mindless blasting that is Earth Defense Force, and it makes for a good time. Also need to point out that the astronaut has a low gravity jump, like he’s on the moon.

I’ll end this post with a few things I drew. Also a screenshot of a game I’m working on. Yeah, I didn’t forget that I’m still a game developer, despite not having released a game since right before the pandemic.

I doodle a drunk old man. He’s so jolly! And hammered!

An 8-bit style portrait.

A pixel rendition of Japanese women’s wrestler, Maki Itoh.


Slimegirl, but in 16-bit detail. I’m working my way up the bit-ladder!


Here’s a new shot of that game I’m working on: