What I’ve Been Doing: Game Progress


Hello, everyone. I didn’t have anything up last week, as I’m sure you all noticed. Now, for once, it was not because I was lazy or depressed or anything. Actually, I have been very busy! I got tired of seeing all these unfinished projects sitting on my computer, so I spend last week getting some work done on one of them, which I thought I would show.

Tentative title for this game is called “Panic Invasion.” It’s a single-screen game where you take all of the enemies in a stage, then you move to the next one and do the same thing again, until you get to a boss fight.

Currently, I have four worlds finished, each with three levels and a boss fight. So, 16 stages are done, with more on the way. There’s this city area you see here, but I also have three other environments, such as:

Alien Spaceship

Alien World

City, post-invasion

Right now, aside from new levels, I’m currently at work on the following:

  • More enemy types (there are seven types of enemies at the moment).
  • Music. Anyone who has played any of my other games knows that I am NOT a musician, so this is hard.
  • Various aesthetic things, like level transitions and title cards.
  • More than one boss fight.
  • Fine-tuning difficulty; don’t want something that’s borderline unfair, but also something that can’t be breezed through in minutes.

Otherwise, things are pretty good. I plan on releasing this on my Itchio page as normal. However, if things aren’t complicated, I may finally get around to using that license I have to release games for the Nintendo Switch, and port this to a console. That is very tentative, and depends on how much of a pain it’ll be.

Anyways, I’ll keep plugging away at this, and will get to work on an article/review/whatever for everyone to read. I just wanted to post this progress report to remind people (mostly me) that I am at work on like, actual projects, and not just games crit stuff. Thanks for reading and thank you for your support, everyone!