Hello Cyber Sluts. I made a promise to myself that I would make at least one (1) blog post per week, in an effort to keep things kind of flowing here, without big gaps of time where the site feels dead.

I got a copy of Bayonetta 2 last weekend. It turns that I’m actually pretty fucking bad at Bayonetta. I only ever finished the first game on “Normal” difficulty, and was not really ready to play the sequel on anything harder than that. This morning, though, I managed to finish it on “Hard” and get started on the “Infinite Climax” mode. Someday maybe I’ll be good at that.

But the real reason I like Bayonetta isn’t so much the challenge (obviously, I didn’t even really test it until now), but the character herself. She looks cool as fuck. She has this nice CLAMP manga-esque look going for her, anatomy wise, which I really love; like a grown-up magical girl. Which is definitely something to aspire to when it’s 1:30 in the morning and you can’t go to bed because the good ol’ dysphoria kicks in and makes you hate every single inch of your own body. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “BAYONETTA IS MY HERO.” She’s no CM Punk or Chelsea Manning. I mean, she’s fictional. But her look and her attitude? Definitely some fucking #Goals right there.

I’ve also been getting back into Phantasy Star Online. I actually had to make a new character, as I fucked up some meta stuff with a previous build, and missed the cut-off point to change it.

Not really much to say here other than PLAY PHANTASY STAR ONLINE

But what I’m really getting into, is back into doing some sprite work. I’m trying to come up with some neat things for people to look at. Maybe even a new game. A big goal for 2018 is to start making things that look like they came out of an MSX game. A very mid-late 80’s look. I think that would be cool. I have this thing for old Japanese computers, and the way that their games and software looked. It’s an aesthetic that’s been incredibly influential for me, and I would love to pay tribute to it.

Well that’s all I got. See you either when I got something to say, or I do a weekend wrap-up like this again.

Later, marks.


  1. You should totally start creating again. Never forget, however, that the amount of effort you put in is commensurate to the results. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, and if you work your hardest, you’ll eventually succeed.

    But effort is key. Give it your all and you’ve got nothing to fear.