okay i’m back

It’s been a few weeks, but my health is much better than it has been. As such, I thought I would give a little update post to let everyone know.

I’m trying to get something written and put up on the Patreon I barely promote tomorrow. However, I haven’t done this in a while, and I’m having a hell of a time trying to find something to cover. The new Wizardry DLC maybe? A couple other dungeon crawlers I’m still not that far into yet? Some episodes of Inuyasha I watched? No idea. Hopefully, I can put some words together in a way that doesn’t suck.

Anyways, other than the brief issues with my hands, life has been very boring. Was tempted to struggle through and type out some angry words about some discourse re: game journos doubling down on bigotry (again), but decided against it because who gives a fuck? I’d rather keep to myself and my own little critic hole because internet slapfighting and a post-gamergate world ruined my goddamn life!!!!!!! Well, okay, maybe it didn’t, but it definitely sucked and I’ve been having one of those introspective moments where I look back at that time period and ask “how the fuck did I let myself get dragged into that shit!?” especially now that it’s becoming more and more clear that that whole incident was a fucking work where some nobody neolibs, their right-wing friends, and some walking punchlines picked a fake fight with each other for a career boost. If you wanted games to be a better place for minorities, you got worked. If you think games are being ruined by SJWs and the woke mind virus, you got worked. But that’s enough of that, just some shit I needed to get off my chest before I go back to being a verbose weeaboo.

That’s about it. I’ll have something more substantial soon. Uh, bye, I guess.